She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
Proverbs 21:36

Once upon a time, a lovely lady adopted a small child. In the grand scheme of things, that mother is just one woman in the entire world, but to her child, that woman is the entire world.

My life was completely transformed in early 1993. I had graced the world with my presence in 1991, but my life didn’t really begin until April 1993. Glossing over the details, I was placed for adoption in early 1993. Enter momma. From then to now, this femme perfecta (also known as my dear mother) has been imparting her grace, wisdom, laughter, and delightful disposition to my life.

In the year 2020, what better way to share my momma’s wonderfulness with the world than a blog? And this is how wisdom from my momma began. I hope you laugh, well-up, smile, and enjoy the journey while you read about my mother and her shenanigans.

My momma is wise, and this is her wisdom.