Today, as I read my first blog post over, and over, and over again, a thought entered my mind. Not only did my momma impart wisdom and lessons about patience, but she also taught me the value and necessity of impatience. It sounds strange, doesn’t it?! The value of impatience.

Again, I have my mug of coffee in hand and I’m taking a trip down memory lane. My momma is an ever-present voice in my head. I hear her sighs of frustration as she grows impatient with me throughout the years. As a child (and sometimes even still today), I snap back at her. With my age, however, has come wisdom – momma was impatient with me because she cared. Momma and I are best friends, but she is still my parent. Her sighs of impatience were oftentimes because she knew I could do better, think better, be better. She wanted to raise a good human and an upstanding member of society. She wanted me to be as good as she knew I could be. These lessons have rubbed off on me, and I, too, now know the value of impatience.

Currently, I’m on a strenuous adventure. I am attempting to find employment in the field I am educated for and love to do. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m funny, right. A not-so-young-anymore young woman looking for her dream job. The one she went to college for. The one she actually paid to learn about. Oh, gosh, y’all – I seriously crack myself up.

This is where the value of impatience is brought to me by my ever-so wise Mรจre. In moments like these, I picture my momma as a little old, possibly Italian lady, loudly scolding me about my lack of ambition and motivation. She’s telling me to get off my bottom and look harder for jobs. She’s telling me to leave no stone unturned. Apply to everything. Show up in person. Beat down the doors. Be relentless in my pursuit. Be impatient. Be so eager that I am an unstoppable force. A woman to be reckoned with.

My momma has always been this way. She is loving and soft-spoken, but she lets you know, in no uncertain terms, when you’re wrong and how you’re gonna fix it. My momma taught me that while it is true that good things come to those who wait, it’s also true that good things come to those who work their tails off and never give up. My momma taught me that, as important as patience is, it’s also important to know when you need to be impatient and go after what you want with unrelenting passion.

Today, I received an abundance of news from various sources. In the course of less than 24 hours, I have been disappointed, shocked, uneasy, frustrated, excited, joyful, infuriated and pleased by news. Relating to this hilariously unsuccessful and ofttimes heartbreaking pursuit of career, I was taught by my momma to stop letting patience fuel all of my actions. I need to set up the meeting, compel people to aid in my efforts, make waves in the still, stagnant waters of my employment rejection.

Knowing my momma, humble and modest as she is, she doesn’t even realize the impact she has on me, each and every day. She has no idea that the three-minute conversation she had with me in the car earlier this morning reverberated deep within me and awoke an impatient creature who is going to unceasingly seek a career that makes me happy. She, like all mommas, doesn’t see the influence her wise words have on me. I think, most of the time, she doesn’t even think I’m listening. But I am, momma. I am always listening and always learning.

My momma is wise, and this is her wisdom.

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